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The Essay Prize Committee was tasked with the difficult job of choosing the winners of the Humanities Essay Prize Competition for essays written for Humanities courses during the 2016-17 academic year. Congratulations to the following students listed below. Thank you to everyone for your submissions. To learn more about the faculty’s essay competitions, click here.

Level I

Birra Ahmed
“Frankenstein: The Transferral of a Human Soul”

Tracy Huynh
“Modern Sonnets: Extending Beyond Petrarchan Idealism Through Lineation and Meter”

Level II

Jessica Jacob
“Dodgers and Deserters: The Canadian Government’s Attitude Towards American Draft Evaders and Military Deserters 1965-1975”

Peter Kerrigan
“Music in Nazi Germany: Swing Youth Versus the Regime”

Level III

Nicholas Dorman
“A Lasting Disgrace: The Suppression of the Red River Resistance”

Graeme Lavender
“Assimilation through Omission: Post-Conquest Quebec City and the Implications of 18th Century British Mapmaking”

Level IV

Maggie Wilson-Wong
“Challenging Power with the Shared Look”

Scott van Wetten
“The Environment in Canada during the Second World War”

Congratulations also to the winners of the French Language Essay Prize Competition:

Abiela Lepingwell-Tardieu
‘L’espoir dans Candide’

Cissy Suen
‘Dissertation-débat: Êtes-vous d’accord avec cette phrase de Nietzsche: “Il n’y a pas de faits, il n’y a que les interprétations”?’