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The faculty would like to congratulate the following students, whose outstanding essays made them this year’s winners in the Humanities Essay and French Language Essay Competitions.

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Humanities Essay Competition Winners 2015-16:

Level I
First Place:
Laura Facciolo
Jewish & Early Christian Art and Byzantine Art: Mosaics of the 6th century
Art History 1A03

Second Place:
Sikhanyisiwe Mpofu
The sex of the knower is epistemologically significant
Philosophy 1E03

Level II
First Place:
Christina Ugge
Albrecht Durer’s St. Jerome in his study: the ways of seeing In Renaissance Europe
Art History 2I03

Second Place:
Alexia Olaizola
Baby Machines: International Gestational Surrogacy, a Global Health Crisis
History 3CP3

Level III
First Place:
Simon Vacca
Historical (Mis)Representations Of The Tecumseh And Other Indigenous Figures In Various Depictions Of The War Of 1812
History 3CW3

Second Place:
Adrienne Andrus
The Stair of Love: Love’s Treatment as a Project of Self-Improvement in Castiglione’s The Courtier and the Poetry of Sidney, Spenser and Wyatt
English 3RL6

Level IV
First Place:
Samhita Misra
Settling for Truth: Bearing Witness to the Histories of Residential Schools, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Indigenous Resurgence in Canada
History 4RP3

Second Place:
Daniel Ionico
The Myth of the Pristine Landscape: Canada’s History of Land Use
History 4CZ3

Humanities French Language Essay Competition Winners 2015-16

Level II
Christine Ugge
La manipulation et la sincerite dans Atala et Adolphe
French 2JJ3

Level III
Jay Mitchell
Une analyse de la critique de la religion dans Candide
French 3KK3

Level IV
Sara Garcia
Le rôle de la sexualité dans La Religieuse de Diderot
French 4MM3