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The Faculty of Humanities is proud to announce this year’s Humanities USRA recipients, who will engage in exciting research over the summer here on campus, in the community, and even across the ocean!

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Ema Asler
Honours Communication Studies
“The Healing Arts”
Supervisor: Dr. P. Savage

Laura Curtis
Honours Music
“The Impact of Fertility Treatments on Vocal Health”
Supervisor: Dr. R. Rensink-Hoff

Jaime Dennison
Honours Classics & History
“Covert Hegemony: Explaining Nixon’s Hostility to Chilean President Salvador Allende”
Supervisor: Dr. S. Streeter

Shereen Fayed
Honours Classics
“Study of the Coinage and Public Image of Lucilla”
Supervisor: Dr. M. Beckmann

Oznur Kaynak
Honours English
“Two Row Research Project: Women’s Leadership Roles in Haudenosanee Society”
Supervisor: Dr. D. Coleman

Zarah Khan
Honours Art History & English
“Ongoing Colonial Violence Against South Asian Communities in Canada: Air India Bombings”
Supervisors: Drs. A. Dean and C. Chakraborty

Adam Watters
Honours French & Philosophy
“Derrida on Hospitality: Canada’s Reception of Syrian Refugees”
Supervisor: Dr. E. Grodek

Brandon Wild
Honours Music (Music Cognition)
“Is there a relationship between tonal attraction and musical grammar?”
Supervisor: Dr. M. Woolhouse

Kaitlyn Zarcone
Honours Linguistics
“A Blended Learning Approach to Introductory Italian Language and Culture”
Supervisor: Dr. W. D’Angelo