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There are some travel scholarship competitions that are still open and able to receive applications (attached) for travel during the Spring/Summer 2016 session or during Fall/Winter 2016-17. If you are interested in studying abroad during the summer or next academic year, please feel encouraged to submit an application for the available funds.  Please email Christine Kawerau at if you have any questions.

The Joan Jackson Dunbar Travel Scholarship

Established in 1960 by Mayor Lloyd D. Jackson (Class of ’09), LL.D  (Class of ’55) and Mrs. Jackson of Hamilton in memory of their daughter, Joan (Class of ’40).  To be awarded to a woman student who has completed  Level I and an additional 60 – 75 units of an Honours program in English for excellence in the work of the program (with emphasis on English).  The  winner must have secured all her secondary school education in Canada.  The  award is to be used for study and travel in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe during the vacation before the final Fall/Winter term

Value: $3,675

The Gabriele Erasmi Travel Scholarship to Italy

Established in 2003 by the Dante Alighieri Society of Hamilton, the Department of Linguistics and Languages, the Julian-Dalmatians of Hamilton, and friends, in honour of Dr. Gabriele Erasmi, distinguished Faculty member of the Department of Linguistics and Languages.  To be awarded to an outstanding student who has completed Level II of a Humanities program.  The purpose of the scholarship is to assist with the expenses of travel and study in Italy for academic credit at McMaster University.  The applicant must submit a plan of study for approval.

Value: 3 awards available at $1,000 each

The Albert Shalom Travel Scholarship

Established in 1994 by family, friends and colleagues in memory of Albert Shalom, Professor of Philosophy at McMaster University from 1966 to 1991.   To be awarded to a student who is enrolled in a program in Philosophy, and has, in the judgment of the Department of Philosophy, attained notable standing.  Preference will be given to a student travelling and studying abroad during the summer before the final Fall/Winter term, but the scholarship could also be used to fund the final year of study at McMaster.

Value: $725

The Viola Webster Foreign Study Award

Established in 2012 in memory of Viola E. Webster B.A. (Class of ’43) by her nephew, Ion Webster. To be granted to a student in the Faculty of Humanities who is participating in an international exchange program and who demonstrates financial need.  Preference to be given to students who have taken courses in French and German.

Value: 2 awards available at $2,500 each