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The Essay Prize Committee was tasked with the difficult job of choosing the winners of the Humanities Essay Prize Competition for essays written in Term 2 Humanities courses. Congratulations to the following students:

Daniel Brazil
“Sovereigns of Freedom in Endgame and July’s People”
English 1AA3

Carlene Jimenez
“The Ides of March”
Classics 1M03

Fiona Gordon
“Hume and the Rational Justification of Causal Inference”
Philosophy 2XX3

Ryan Jacob
“From Price-Mars to Duvalier: Resistance to the U.S. Occupation of Haiti through the Arts, 1915-34”
History 2EN3

Emily Herron
“The “Great White North”: Race and the Construction of National Identity in Canada”
History 4CE3

Kara Hounsell
“’I live in this body and they don’t’: Examining Communication in Aboriginal Treatment Decisions”
Linguistics 4S03

Congratulations also to the winners of the French Language Essay Prize Competition:

Peter Hopperton
“Autofiction et Scriptotherapie: Faire face aux traumatismes dans Dans ma maison sous terre”
French 4Y03

Sean McCarron
“Une masculinite oppositionnelle”
French 3P03

Thank you to everyone for your submissions. To learn more about the faculty’s essay competitions, click here.